My Sloppy Seconds

A journey through the second hand world of stuff.


If you have come to this site, then you are either looking for something specific I have written about or you are just curious about the old, obsolete and some times absurd things I do. Well, for whatever reason you are here, then welcome.

The author (to now be referred to as I ) have created this nice little place to write about the things I do.   I have a strong love for things that are old and obsolete. Specifically computers and audio/recording systems.  Now not only do I have love for these old things, I try to use them in my daily life.  A lot of this stuff is still useful and does it’s job well. You will probably hear about my journey to use old things and the joys and headaches that comes along with it.  You may be lucky enough to see photos or videos of this old stuff and maybe even repairs or projects I may do.

Overall this is a place to hear and read about one persons experience with the old and/or obsolete with some other random things thrown in as well.